Mastectomy Fitting & Supplies

Other than skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States. Each year approximately 230,000 women receive the news they have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Most women with breast cancer will have some type of surgery to remove the tumor.

Many women worry their options will be limited once they have had a mastectomy, but that is simply not true. There are many modern and attractive styles available to choose from. Having a certified mastectomy fitter available to guide them through the process is a great benefit.

She can assist with all your mastectomy needs, including prosthesis forms, bras and special order accessories.

For the convenience of our patients, appointments are taken at several SSM Health at Home locations.

To learn more about the mastectomy products and services we offer, insurance coverage, or to schedule an appointment, contact us at 1-800-924-2273 or

Private and gentle consultations are dedicated to:

  • Comfort and proper fitting of prostheses
  • Sizing of specialty bras
  • Assistance in ordering any special accessories

Our staff can also help with verification of insurance and billing the insurance plan.

Meet Danette, Certified Mastectomy Fitter

2016-10-staff-photo-danette-sHow does someone become a Certified Mastectomy Fitter (CMF)?

In order to become a CMF, a person needs to work with or shadow another CMF, complete an education program focused on fitting, and pass a certification exam. Going through the certification process I learned so much more than just how to fit a bra and prosthesis. I learned about breast cancer – types, symptoms, treatments, associated diseases such as Lymphedema and billing and charting procedures. But most importantly I learned about the importance of my role in helping patients who have been through so much begin to feel like themselves again.

How does seeing a CMF benefit patients?

My CMF certification lets patients know I am experienced and qualified to meet their needs. In order to maintain my CMF, I must complete continuing education each year. The training and education I receive allows me to stay up to date with new advances in the field as well as talk to other fitters. Not only am I familiar with an array of different products, but I have the expertise to narrow those options down to what will work best for each individual patient.

How do you approach patients in your role?

Every woman has a different journey. No one person’s cancer experience is the same, so I treat each and every patient individually. I am not just there to fit a patient with prosthesis. The women I see have been through a lot and often are very nervous and unsure when they first come into my fitting room. My job is to listen, understand what the patient needs, and then guide them through the process.

Why did you become a CMF?

I get to see the moment when a patient who has lost one or both breasts turns toward a mirror and sees herself again. That is incredibly gratifying. I hope that what I do plays a small part in helping my patients not only feel like themselves again but also helps them continue to fight their cancer or move forward in their healing process.

Why SSM Health at Home?

As the CMF for SSM Health at Home I travel across southern Wisconsin meeting women at all our branches. It’s great when I go to Reedsburg, for example, and talk to a patient who has been referred by a friend in Janesville. The scope of our service area gives me the opportunity to help as many women as possible.