Hospice Nurse Visit & Admissions Expectations

Listed below is an outline of indications for a hospice nursing visit. It is important our patients, families and partners know what to expect from us and recognize when a nursing visit is needed.

Nursing visits will be made in response to the following:

  • Change in patient status/condition
  • Uncontrolled symptoms such as: pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, restlessness, nausea/vomiting, constipation/diarrhea
  • Falls resulting in injury/suspected injury
  • Caregiver concerns or anxiety related fear or lack of understanding of how to care for or support the patient
  • Medication errors or dosing concerns
  • Uncertainty in relation to symptom management when a patient is nearing death
  • Equipment issues/failures affecting symptom management or patient comfort
  • More than one phone call from a family member/caregiver in a short period of time regarding questions, concerns or uncontrolled symptoms
  • Patient suddenly without a caregiver due to caregiver emergency

 Admission will occur the same day in response to:

  • A new referral with uncontrolled symptoms or immediate needs
  • A current referral whose paperwork is returned

Questions? Please contact Home Health United – Hospice at 800-924-2273.