Facts about SSM Health at Home’s – Meals On Wheels program

Meals On Wheels (MOW) is a program that supplies noon-time meals Monday – Friday to individuals in need who reside in the city limits of Madison, Middleton, Monona and Sun Prairie.

The meals are prepared fresh daily by Market Street Diner and Bakery in Sun Prairie and are delivered by volunteers. There is a monthly menu on our website here.

The meals can be prepared for special diets such as:

  • General
  • Soft
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free

Each meal includes a protein, starch or bread, salad or vegetable, fruit or dessert, and a carton of milk or juice.

The daily cost of a meal is $8.00. Funding is available in certain areas for those who qualify. Our Meals On Wheels program is supported with funds from Dane County Human Services, United Way of Dane County, and the Home Health United – Visiting Nurse Service.

Meal delivery can usually begin within 48-72 hours.

Criteria to receive Meals On Wheels

  • The recipient needs to be “homebound” and/or unable to cook for him/herself, except for private pay individuals.
  • The recipient needs to be home when the meals arrive.

Benefits of the Meals On Wheels program

  • The recipient receives a nutritious meal for the day.
  • The recipient receives a “safety check” to ensure they are responsive and feeling well.

To refer someone to Meals On Wheels

  • Have the potential recipient contact us directly at 608-276-7598 or hahwi.mow@ssmhealth.com for more information.
  • Call the referral into our Meals On Wheels staff at 608-276-7598. After the referral is placed MOW staff will call the recipient directly to confirm delivery.

Please have the following information available before you call:

  • Recipient’s name, current address and phone number.
  • Emergency contact name and phone number.
  • Ordering/attending physician name and phone number.
  • Special diet (if needed).
  • Recipient medical condition(s).