Community Health Services



Corporate and Community Health and Wellness

      With the rising costs of health care, the corporate community is emphasizing wellness to offset the cost of sick leave and medical benefits. 

    Hypertension or high blood pressure affects 20 percent of people living in the United States. Of these, almost a third are unaware of their condition.

    In Wisconsin, 23.6 percent of adults smoke 32% have high blood cholesterol levels.  Education in controlling these and other risk factors can be achieved through prevention programs in the workplace. We offer:

  • Cholesterol testing
  • Blood pressure screening
  • Tb skin testing
  • Hepatitis B vaccinations
  • Freedom from Smoking programs
  • Pre-employment physicals
  • Health risk assessments
  • Wellness seminars
  • Wellness Screenings (includes cholesterol, body fat percentages)
  • Blood Glucose Testing
  • OSHA Training
  • Nurse Consulting
  • On site flu shots
  To find out  more about these programs, please call 257-6710 ext.125

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