Contribution Opportunites


If you wish to make a contribution or a gift to Home Health United Caring Service, Home Health United Hospice, or the Visiting Nurse Service Foundation please email your interest to the contact person identified below.


Benedict J. Di Salvo

Address: 4801 Hayes Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53704-2630

Telephone: (608) 242-1516 ext. 135

Fax: 608 242-1613


Mission of Fund Development:

In support of our mission, Fund Development seeks to raise sufficient dollars to provide the highest quality and caring services to patients living in their own home.  HHU Caring Services and Hospice cannot rely on reimbursements to remain financially sound. To do so would lead to a reduction of services and quality of care, and affect our ability to keep abreast of telemedicine and available technology.  

How Funds Are Spent:

Contributions from individuals, three annual joint solicitations with the Visiting Nurse Service Foundation and grants received from foundations, corporations and agencies are used to make up the difference between what it costs to deliver quality home health care to patients and the reimbursements from individuals and third parties (Medicare/Medicaid, private insurance and HMOs).

HHU Caring Services provides the following services: nursing care; hospice; therapies including occupational, physical, respiratory, speech and IV; medical social services; home health aides and home companions; community and corporate health and wellness workshops and screening programs; parent and childcare; wound and ostomy care; and mastectomy fittings.

            No patient is turned away or denied necessary services because of an inability to pay, or lacking in sufficient insurance coverage.

Contributions Welcomed:

    1. Time as a volunteer

        Meals on Wheels

        Hospice Program

        Flu Immunization Program

        Special Projects - Fundraising events such as “chile lunches,” raffles and garage sales; fairs & festivals and community events; bulk mailings and professional or trades expertise.

2. In-kind gifts of

        Office or Household equipment or furniture

        Goods, Items or Services for fundraising events

        Professional and Trades Expertise

        Other properties or assets (e.g., appraised art or collections)

3. Cash in response to annual requests

4. Hospice donations to memorialize a family member or friend while insuring the continuation of Hospice services to present and future patients.

5. Year-end Gifts


        Retirement Funds

        Other Property or Asset

6. Project or Designated Support

If your experience leads you to a particular area of home health care – something lacking or needed – and you wish to establish a fund to provide such a service in the future, or to establish an education or training fund to increase staff skill levels, your wish can be made a reality and it will be your legacy to the VNS Foundation and to home health care.

7. Celebrations & Memorials 

The Celebrations & Memorials program gives you the opportunity to celebrate an occasion or to honor or remember a friend or a family with a contribution to Home Health United Caring Services. Your contribution helps us bring quality home health care services to those in need, allowing them to remain at home and independent.

Celebrations provide a way for individuals or businesses to acknowledge a time of joy such as an anniversary, birthday, graduation, wedding, or a promotion. These gifts can also be made to acknowledge a friend, for their good works and value to their family or the community.

Memorials provide an opportunity to remember a departed friend or family member in a meaningful way.

When we receive your contribution, an acknowledgement card will be sent to the person or family on your behalf, and you will be recognized in our newsletters unless you wish to remain anonymous. The amount of your donation will never be disclosed.

8. Your Legacy – Remembering Home Health United Caring Services and/or the Visiting Nurse Foundation in your will or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy.

Information and Updates on

 Fund Development and Planned Giving

        Home Care & Comforts: Home Health United Caring Services and the VNS Foundation quarterly newsletter

        Onward: The Visiting Nurse Service Foundation Planned Giving quarterly newsletter

 How to make an immediate contribution


The challenges continue for all who are concerned about home health care. Already more needs exist than available financial resources.  For that reason, Home Health United Caring Services, in cooperation with Visiting Nurse Service Foundation will identify patient and staffing needs and place them in priority order.  Meeting the identified needs becomes the basis for raising additional funds.

  Your support of HHU Caring Services is an act of support for those in need -  
  a neighbor, a friend or someone close to you.  Thousands of patients benefit by your support and all of us appreciate your generosity.  





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