HomMed® Health Monitoring System


Because patient care comes first, we provide in-home monitoring using the HomMed® Health Management unit. This technology was designed to be as easy to use as possible.Daily monitoring allows clinicians to detect any potential deterioration in health early on, before it becomes a problem, eliminating unnecessary hospitalizations and ER visits.

People who are struggling with chronic disease or other health conditions have many different and complex needs, as do their family members. Meeting these needs is one of the biggest challenges facing the health care industry today.

The HomMed Health Monitoring System provides users and their loved ones with the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that their health is being clinically monitored by a local health care professional seven days a week from the comfort of their own homes.

The HomMed Health Monitoring System offers fully integrated reading capabilities for five vital signs: weight, blood pressure, SpO2, heart rate and temperature. The HomMed Monitor allows for multiple peripheral attachments, such as glucose meter, ECG unit, etc.  The HomMed Health Monitoring System is extremely easy to use.  A gentle, friendly voice guides the patient through the simple 3-minute procedure to collect all of their vital data.  After the last of the vital signs is taken the patient is asked up to 10 subjective health related questions to produce a complete overview of the patient’s health status to which they answer yes or no. 

The HomMed Health Monitoring System allows individuals to maintain their independence while at the same time getting the medical monitoring that they need. If the data collected indicates a need for intervention or if the user fails to collect their vital signs when they are prompted to, appropriate action is taken and members of the care team may be contacted.

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