“You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to live until you die.” 
Dame Cicely Saunders
Founder of the first modern-day hospice in London, England.

Home Health United Hospice believes in Dame Cicely Saunder’s Statement and is dedicated to helping people spend their last days in a home setting, pain controlled, symptoms managed, and surrounded by the individuals and things that they love. Dame Cicely Saunders was the founder of the first modern day hospice in London, England.

This modern day hospice is a holistic approach to care that involves the patient, the patient’s family and friends, and a hospice team.                     

The Hospice Team consists of:
uPhysicians   uRegistered Nurses   uSocial Service Workers
uSpiritual Counselor uBereavement Coordinator uVolunteer Coordinator
uHome Health Aides uVolunteers uDietician
uPhysical Therapist    uOccupational Therapist uSpeech Therapist
This Hospice Team and your primary physician work with you and your family to develop your plan of care.  This plan of care will direct the individualized care you receive. By collaborating with you, your family, and your physician, the Hospice Team will provide the special kind of care that you will need with your terminal illness.
The Hospice Team may help arrange for:
uMedical equipment uMedical supplies
uMedications for symptom(s) management  uRespite care
uPain relief through medications, imagery, and relaxation techniques uCompanionship
uShort-term acute inpatient stays uFuneral arrangements
uCare if you do not have a primary caregiver and are not safe alone
uAssistance with personal hygiene   
uAssistance with putting financial matters in order

         Home Health United Hospice will be present to help support and encourage you to be active and do as much for yourself as possible. You will take an active role in directing your care. 

         We can also provide someone to speak openly with you, your family and/or friends about feelings of death, loss and grieving.  Our Bereavement program offers counseling before death and up to 13 months following the death of a loved one. We hold memorial services annually in local communities.

        Volunteers are an important part of the Hospice team.  Each volunteer has many different skills and talents to share with patients and their families. Without the dedication of volunteers, most hospices would find it difficult to carry on their work. Many of the volunteers are relatives and friends of former hospice patients.  They are able to bring and share with others their understanding of the hospice experience. Each volunteer completes a comprehensive training program before assisting with patient care.

        Hospice is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans.  The services can also be purchased through private pay.  Home Health United Hospice will assist with checking out the coverage and informing you of the coverage for your plan.  Medicare and Medicaid cover most hospice services and supplies pertaining to your terminal diagnoses. 

         To make a referral for hospice, your physician needs to determine you have a life expectancy of approximately 6 months or less.  You also have to decide to stop curative treatments.  Hospice care does not prolong life or hasten death-it does seek to improve the quality of a patient’s last days by offering comfort and dignity.

             “We can do anything for just one day.  So just for today, let us be unafraid of life, unafraid of death which is in the shadow of life; unafraid to be happy, to enjoy the beautiful, to believe the best.”

Joseph Fort Nelson

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