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A division of Home Health United Caring Services, Home Health United Home Medical Equipment is a leading provider of home medical equipment and supplies, home respiratory, and home infusion services in Southern Wisconsin.  Through our affiliations, partnerships, and relationships with many area health care providers and insurers, we offer you comprehensive support in meeting your needs and a team approach to your healthcare.


In addition to providing you with educational support and clinical and technical on-call services, we offer you the human touch with medical care in your home and community.   Home Health United also has the advantage of affiliation with Home Health United Visiting Nurse Service nursing and hospice agencies.   We can connect you with these agencies at your request or we may suggest their services to help you at home.

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Home Respiratory Therapy – Home Health United has an extensive network of knowledgeable respiratory therapists, technicians, and customer service staff ready to provide you with state-of-the-art respiratory technologies and to support your therapy every day of the year. 


                          Oxygen therapy is available in a variety of systems to meet your medical requirements and mobility needs.  Our respiratory care staff will work with you and your physician to determine the best system for your lifestyle and provide you with education and support for your peace of mind.  To provide you with the most efficient and comfortable use of your personal   system, Home Health United carries many oxygen system accessories including tubing, nasal cannulas, masks,  filters, stands, carts, flow meters and humidifiers.

                                                  Oxygen concentrator – This is a semi-portable oxygen system that allows you to receive continuous oxygen extracted from regular air through a filtering process. It can be used in any room of your home as well as a short distance outside your home.  This is an electrically powered system designed to run in a home setting.

                                                  Oxygen tanks – This is a portable oxygen system of small tanks that can be used as your primary system or as a secondary system when you are away from home.  Smaller tanks of oxygen gas may offer flexibility for patients.   This is not an electrically powered system. This system may be used with a conserving device to minimize oxygen escaping during use and extend the life of the tank.


                                                Oxygen cylinders – This is a stationary oxygen system of large tanks or cylinders that remains in your home.  It can be used for a variety of oxygen use levels.  It is not an electrically powered system.  This system may be used with a conserving device to minimize oxygen escaping during use and extend the life of the cylinder.

                                      Liquid oxygen systems – These systems can be stationary in the home or portable.  These systems can be used for a variety of oxygen flow levels.  These are not electrically powered systems.






Stationary Oxygen Flow Form Can use with Conserver?
In and Around Home Out of Home   High Oxygen Flow Medium Oxygen Flow Low Oxygen flow Intermittent use Gas Liquird  
Concentrator X X X X
Liquid X X X X X X X
Cylinder X X X X X
Tank X X X X X X


            Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)

                        This machine is used to reduce the negative impacts of sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea describes episodes where breathing and oxygen flow are interrupted often as a result of airway obstruction.  Home Health United works closely with area sleep laboratories and physician specialists to select the appropriate unit for your medical condition.  Our respiratory staff has expertise in personalized fitting of accessories and provides routine equipment check-ups at your convenience.

              Apnea Monitors

                        This equipment is most often used with infant and child populations and is used to alert caregivers to dangerous breathing and/or heart rate levels according to a set range determined by a physician.   Home Health United has extensive experience working with families to make certain that caregivers feel secure and supported with this equipment in their home. 


                        Nebulizers are used to deliver medications through a mist that is breathed into lungs.   Medications for pain, infections, or chronic conditions such as asthma or emphysema can be delivered through this method and provide treatment directly to the lungs.  Home Health United has a variety of nebulizers available for patients of all ages, therapeutic needs, and activity levels.  Additionally, Home Health United can send your nebulizer medications directly to your home for greater convenience to you.

             Other Therapies

                        Home Health United has expertise in specialized equipment, service, and education for unique patient situations and combination therapy needs.  This includes:

         All types of ventilator care including non-invasive positive airway pressure, tracheostomy, and in-exsufflator services.

         Oral suction



Home Infusion Services – Home Health United has a large and experienced nursing team skilled in providing various drug therapies to patients at home for curative and palliative needs.  Our team will provide you with education about the therapy prescribed by your physician with consideration for your knowledge and comfort levels.  In addition 24-hour support services for your questions, concerns, and critical needs is always available to you.  Many of the infusion services provided by Home Health United are listed below:

  •  Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)

  • Antibiotic/Anti-infective Therapy

  • Pain Management

  • Chemotherapy

  • Hydration Therapy

  • Anti-emetic Therapy

  • Placement and/or Care of Catheters

  • Injection Therapy (including subcutaneous and intramuscular)


Home Medical Equipment – Home Health United carries a large inventory of equipment that has been developed through evaluation of our customers medical and personal needs, quality expectations, and ease of use in the home.   We will provide you with the support of knowledgeable customer service staff, technicians, and other specialists to maximize your satisfaction as our customer!


            Walkers and Other Ambulatory Equipment

                        Canes are available in several styles including lightweight, fashion, and wide base models as well as crutches for post-surgical and long-term use.  Home Health United also carries a wide range of walkers with a variety of the following features:


                        Ergonomic designs                   Braking mechanisms

                        Seating options                           Height adjustment

                        Wheel options                           Carrying pouches


Bathroom Safety

                        Several products are available from Home Health United that can be used to enhance your self-sufficiency and safety in the bathroom.  This includes grab bars for your wall or bathtub, shower and tub-transfer benches, elevated toilet seats, hand held showers, and commodes that may be used with your existing toilet and may be used at the bedside.

              Hospital Beds and Lifts

                        Home Health United can provide many of your hospital equipment needs to allow your patient to be at home.  This includes multi-positional hospital beds, hoyer and other patient lifts, specialized mattresses and accessories for pressure sore reduction, overbed tables, and trapeze and traction equipment.

             Lift Chairs

                        With all the comforts of a reclining armchair, a lift chair can help preserve your independence at home with the ease of automatic controls and a gentle lift mechanism to assist you in standing.  Home Health United can help you select the most appropriate chair size along with your choice of fabric selection and color.  Models are available for your consideration at all of our locations.

              Wheelchairs and Mobility Products

                        Whether your need is temporary or lasting, Home Health United has many options to help you maintain your mobility.  For short-term use, we carry a large inventory of folding wheelchairs in many sizes and with features including detachable arms, elevating legrests, and reclining backs. 

                          For long-term use, Home Health United has qualified and experienced rehabilitation specialists that will work one-on-one with you in your home to determine how to best meet your mobility requirements according to your needs and your physician or therapists recommendations.  Home Health United has relationships with major manufacturers and distributors of manual and power wheelchairs and vehicles to provide you with a wide range of options and accessories.

              Other Equipment

                        Home Health United has long recognized that each patient and family has unique needs.   For that reason, Home Health United also provides specialized equipment such as phototherapy lights, gastric suction, TENS units, continuous passive motion devices, and bariatric or heavy-duty equipment.   We also help locate hard-to-find and special order equipment upon request.



Home Medical Supplies – For the patient with regular home medical supply needs, Home Health United carries many of the top brands and most popular products to ensure continuity in your care.  Where specialty items are required, Home Health United will work with you to find the product and quantities that you need.  For your convenience, standard shipping or delivery, as appropriate, is available direct to your home at no extra charge.

              Ostomy and Wound Care Products

                        Whatever your needs are, Home Health United recognizes that your supplies enhance your lifestyle physically as well as personally.  We will provide you with the attention you need to ensure that your products are working for you and are maintaining or improving your physical health.  Home Health United also has a nurse specialist on staff experienced in wound, ostomy, and continence care that is available for skilled consultation where you are experiencing physical difficulties or concerns.

              Nutritional Supplements and Replacements

                        For both vital and occasional supplementation, Home Health United can provide nutritional products to regularly meet the needs of infants to adults.   Our staff will also make certain that you have the appropriate delivery systems and accessories for the product of choice and for the medical needs of the patient.

              Other supplies

                        From abdominal binders to zinc dressings, just call us with your need.  If Home Health United does not carry it, we will do our best to find it for you and provide you with options.  Our goal is customer satisfaction through caring service!


Travel Options – When you are temporarily away from home and your regular Home Health United service, we may be able to ship your supplies to you.   Where you are renting equipment, such as oxygen, we may be able to make arrangements for you to continue receiving service in your new location.  Let us know your plans in advance of your departure so we may provide you with the guidelines and information you need while you are away.


Home Monitoring – Use the summary from the nursing agency.