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Senior Leadership

Title Name Phone Email Location
President & CEO Rick Bourne 608-241-6950 Madison West
VP Xtra Care Christi Archer 608-223-7953 Hayes Road
VP Marketing & Fund Development Nancy Hoffman 608-276-3925 Madison West
VP Home Medical Equipment Brian Kelly 608-276-3926 Madison West
CFO Alfred Stucki 608-241-6949 Madison East
VP Clinical Services Lynne Willer 608-241-6951 Madison East
VP Human Resources & Education Susan Winer 608-241-7266 Madison East


Title Name Phone Email Location
IT Director Allen Damrow 608-241-6956 Madison East
Home Health Director Cheryl Ortiz 608-241-6954 Madison East
Infusion Pharmacy Director John Mattern 608-223-7591 Hayes Road


Title Name Phone Email Location
Patient Care Manager - Madison West Carey Agate 608-235-1884 Madison West
Patient Care Manager - Madison East Jane Bernatovich 608-270-7500 Madison East
Purchasing/Inventory Manager Lucia DiMaggio 608-276-1561 Madison West
Patient Care Mananger - Hospice North Tammy La Rocco 608-697-2536 Baraboo
Patient Care Mananger - Hospice Dane & Rock Caryl Rorge 608-246-7445 Baraboo
Patient Care Manager - Sauk Anne Svercek 608-963-7128 Sauk
Branch Manager (HME-MW) Sam Gauger 608-276-3923 Madison West
Respiratory & Compliance Manager Angelika Fernholz 608-276-7585 Madison West
Accounting Manager Maureen Frame 608-241-6908 Madison East
HHU & Xtra Care Billing Manager Julie Geen 608-241-6913 Madison East
Marketing & Fund Development Manager Pam Godfrey 608-276-7590 Madison West
Outlying Branch Manager Jason Greenwood 608-768-3112 Reedsburg
Health & Wellness Manager Julie Hitt 608-276-7586 Madison West
Patient Care Manager - Portage Lisa Kirker 608-742-6463 Portage
Patient Care Manager - Janesville Betty Petry 608-531-3176 Janesville
HCU Billing Manager Julie Sparks 608-276-3940 Madison West
Patient Care Manager - Reedsburg Gina Thill 608-768-3128 Reedsburg
Community Services Manager Jean Lynch 608-276-7580 Madison West
Strategic Outreach Manager Mary Borland 608-270-2130 Madison West
Training and Development Manager Jane Frederick 608-221-7759 Madison East
Central Intake Manager Mary McKenna 608-246-7437 Madison East
Customer Service Manager Sandra D'Antoni 608-276-3924 Madison West


Title Name Phone Email Location
Equipment Supervisor Diane Fortunato 608-276-1007 Madison West
Records Supervisor Brian Visauer 608-276-3949 Madison West
Scheduling Supervisor Donna McGrew 608-246-7449 Madison East
Warehouse and Delivery/Fill Plant Supervisor Rob Schanke 608-768-3115 Reedsburg
SAFE Program Supervisor Myrna Peterson 608-270-7506 Hayes Road