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Home Health United received written permission to use these testimonials from former patients and family members.

"There is a lot to say about Mary. She is very thorough and has contacted the doctor to get things straightened out. She is a very nice person, warm and very knowledgeable. I find her easy to talk to and easy to ask questions of."

Hazel Mikkelson, Home Health Services patient - Madison

"Jim was so good. I got out on Thursday and he was right there on Friday. He really helped me out. He got me going even though I had some pain. Today I even took a little walk outside…I can't believe it."

Mary Ellen Rickert, Home Health Services patient - Madison

"The therapy I had was just wonderful. He pushed me when I needed to work harder and then I heard that I had gotten better in two weeks when most people take a month. Jamie really put me through my stuff. I healed so quickly and I am just so grateful. I tell everyone about the great experience I had with Home Health United."

Charlotte Dorn, Home Health Services patient - Waunakee

"I could not have brought Don home without HHU, and Corinna and Katie made it possible to stay at home."

Shirley Birkle, Home Health Services patient - Madison

"Sue was so encouraging and confident taking the time needed with me. Listening, being informative, assisting me with her skills and knowledge, to recover not only physically, but psychologically as a patient and a person. And her best medicine was always a smile and a hug. Sue was dedicated. The summer of '08 was the summer of great rains and floods, but she always made her way to my house to take care of me, even when her own home had gotten flooded out."

Ginger Parkhurst, Home Health Services patient - Lone Rock

"My sole purpose is to convey my admiration for your wonderful organization, despite my all too limited experience with the services it provides. Experienced RN's such as Jean Frank take on still greater importance in 2010 while so many providers are seriously understaffed."

Arthur Dick, Home Health Services patient - Madison

"Each nurse and physical therapist helped me recover from the surgery. My surgeon told me she could only do 50 percent – the other 50 percent towards full recovery was up to me. Thanks to the excellent care I received from Home Health United I am achieving that goal."

Geraldine A. Schmitt, Home Health Services patient - Baraboo

"My mother suffered a shoulder injury as a result of a fall. After hospitalization, I took her to my home in McFarland for about a month. She couldn't do anything for herself because of pain and swelling. She is a very independent woman and wanted to be in her own home in Reedsburg. I spoke with the hospital discharge planner and she recommended Home Health United. After that Mom had a home health aide to help her every day and the nurse visited twice a week. The physical therapist continued to visit for three months. Once she got home she got better in a hurry. Getting home is always the best pill you can swallow. We had a very positive outcome and Mom has nothing but good things to say about the care she received."

Daughter of a Reedsburg patient

"I think Home Health United does a great job taking care of people's health care and are very knowledgeable. I was very lucky to get their care and concern. I will always recommend Home Health United to everyone when I can."

Don Martinson, Home Health Services patient - Cottage Grove

"They were always on the lookout for potential safety issues. They gave me the confidence to know that my decision was correct, and I can live at home with a little help."

Joan Reid, Home Health Services patient - Madison West

"They always called and told me just what time they'd be here. They gave me all the time I needed when they were here. I felt very relaxed doing therapy when they were here."

Home Health Services patient - Madison West

"Susie and Sarah were excellent. They always listened to my concerns and asked if they should do anything to make me more comfortable. Overall, I think they did an excellent job!"

Kristi Vinz, Home Health Services patient - Markesan

Hospice Services

"I want to thank all your good people for helping out with my sweet wife Evelyn. Thank you all for being so kind to her. Diane was a very friendly and helpful person in all ways. My wife liked her very much. Maria was very helpful in other ways and good to talk to. You were the greatest. You treated her with love and care. Thank you from everybody."

Richard Rogge, husband of hospice patient - Wisconsin Dells

"Everyone was very helpful and sincere."

Marge Timmons, wife of hospice patient - Lodi

"Regarding Mike Amberg, spiritual counselor: You are truly a very caring compassionate person. I can see why you are with Hospice. Our family thanks you for your visits and support. I miss Eugene a lot, but am taking one day at a time. Holiday time is also difficult with our loss, but we'll get through that too. Home Health Untied Hospice you are a wonderful supportive team. God's Blessings."

Marilyn McFarlane, wife of hospice patient – Portage

"Regarding Tim Anderson, spiritual and grief support supervisor: The compassion you've shared, your spiritual guidance, the experiences you've had, and the comfort you've given have made a real difference to us as we've mourned the loss and celebrated the life of my Dad. There was a time that I thought my Mom would not be able to go on without Dad. I truly thought she would simply curl up in fear and not go on with life. That has definitely not happened and it's in part because of the support you've given. I now see her meeting the challenges that come her way, and laughing about life, and enjoying being a Mom and Grandmother as she always has."

Peggy Mickelson, daughter of Columbus hospice patient

"My father was in a nursing home with end stage Alzheimer's disease. Adding hospice care was a wonderful compliment to his nursing home care. The spiritual counselor assisted our large family of nine children to adjust to our loss. The articles, poems, and support helped us grieve his loss. The social worker, nurse and aide gave our father additional care and support that complemented the care given by the nursing home staff. The month and a half support was very much needed and appreciated by my family."

Pam Schreiner, daughter of a Hospice patient

"We talked about who helped us and our mother the most for the last year or two of her life. The St. Claire Hospice House was an immediate choice. Everyone was great and we just can't say enough."

Family of St. Clare Hospice House resident - Reedsburg

"It was fantastic. Everything was so much better for her and me. The nurse kept me informed on her condition, gave me information on what to expect and told me everything to do. She also arranged for a walker, then and wheelchair and finally a hospital bed. She called the physicians about adjustments in Maria's medications and showed me how to administer them."

Stan Feeney, husband of hospice patient - Baraboo

"Not only did the hospice team provide my mother with the best care ever, they ALL treated my entire family with dignity and respect. I am so glad things worked out the way they did for her. With the help of HHU Hospice she did have a wonderful end of life."

Julie Krueger, RN, daughter of hospice patient - Reedsburg

Home Medical Equipment

"I want to thank everyone being recognized as a 'Guardian Angel' today, as well as all of you at Home Health United who have been so helpful to me for so many years.

As a person in an electric wheelchair with multiple sclerosis, I have depended on you in so many ways to keep me living, working, enjoying and getting meaning out of life. Without your wonderful help and the services you provide, my life would be a fraction of what it is.

I hope all of you at Home Health United realize that when you arrive for work each day, you are not just doing a job. You are giving people life. The people being honored today are truly 'Guardian Angels', but to me, all of you are angels. Thanks to them and to all of you – whether I have met you or not – from the bottom of my heart."

Steve Levine - Madison

"When I was discharged from St. Mary's Hospital I was told I could not put weight on my left leg. At 9:00 am I met with (the discharge planner) and she told me I would need a wheelchair and immediately made all the arrangements with Home Health United. I was discharged at 11:00 am and the chair was there. At the time I didn't realize how valuable that chair was going to be to help me get around the house. I will definitely recommend your services."

Marian Pirkl, Home Medical Equipment customer, Madison

"I was in to get my nebulizer and instructions on how to use them from the therapist. She was most helpful in explaining everything to me. I really appreciated the fact that she made a follow up call to see how I was doing. It was nice to hear a live voice on the phone and not a machine."

Lynette Smyth, Home Medical Equipment customer, Edgerton

"The person in the Portage Office (Pat) was extremely helpful, polite and knowledgeable. She made all the necessary contacts for insurance coverage and had equipment sent to me. Thank you. My experience with Pat was a pleasant one at an unpleasant time."

Gary Stammen, Home Medical Equipment customer, Oxford

"Tawny traced a product previously ordered and rejected so I could order another of the same. Her help and instant follow up was beyond ordinary expectations. I am grateful for her immediate help in finding the item subsequently ordered."

Marna King, HME customer, Madison

"All of my contacts with your people have been fine. Tina helped me so much when my husband was ill and I didn't know what to do."

Bessie Winterberg - Richland Center

Community Health & Wellness

"All those in your service are 'earth angels.' I hope they realize just how much we value their caring assistance in our time of need."

- Joan

"Tina is truly caring, aware of needs and an efficient person. She is always cheerful and watching for ways to help me. I truly look forward to her friendly visit each week and when she leaves I fell up and ready to greet the day whatever the weather or my health status."

Anonymous client

"Your staff people were professional and skilled in their work, but even more meaningful to me was their very caring attitude. They were all fine representatives of your agency. I won't forget them."

Sarah Jane Fisher - Madison

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