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Home Monitoring

Home Health United continually strives to provide high quality, effective care that reduces the number of necessary hospitalizations and increases patient independence, while making sure patients receive outstanding care.

The Honeywell HomMed Health Monitoring System, a hospital-grade medical device that collects patient vital signs daily, supports this goal by providing patients with a secure and consistent connection to Home Health United clinicians.

The HomMed Health Monitoring System is easy to use, and takes only three minutes to collect patient vital signs from the comfort of home. At a prescribed time each morning a user-friendly voice guides patients through a step-by-step process to measure blood-oxygen saturation, temperature, blood pressure, heart rate and weight up to 500 pounds. Additional peripherals can be added to measure glucose levels and electrographic heart signals.

Patients can also be asked up to 50 subjective health-related questions to which the answer is yes or no. These questions help complete the overview of the patient's health status. Instructions and questions can be spoken in 12 different languages, allowing non-English speakers to use the monitor.

If information collected indicates a need for intervention, or if the user fails to collect vital signs when prompted, appropriate action is taken and members of the care team may be contacted.

Cost of the HomMed system is typically covered by Medicare as a part of the plan of care. HomMed systems may also be leased by patients under a private pay agreement.