If you wish to make a financial contribution to the Visiting Nurse Service Foundation, you have a variety of options from which to chose that will likely suit your interests and wishes.  The options include:
* General Support – general administrative support to carry out the mission
* Endowment Fund contributions directed into this fund are never spent, only the interest earned can be spent, but usually it is not so that the Endowment Fund will continue to grow.
*  Memorials & Celebrations
*  Meals on Wheels

* Wills, Year-end Gifts, Stock and Securities, and other gifting options  Planned Giving Options

* Home Health United patient care – HHU General
* Home Health United patient care – HHU Specifically… ______________________
* Your wish is to support the following … ____________________________.

                                Please provide the following contact information:

Amount of Contribution $
To be used in support of
  If you wish more information, please call Ben Di Salvo.  Or simply make your check payable to: The Visiting Nurse Service Foundation, Inc. and mail to 4801 Hayes Road, Madison, Wisconsin 53704, Attention: Ben Di Salvo.    
    Thank you for your interest in the VNS Foundation and the people who need financial help to pay for home health care. And thank you for considering us as a worthy recipient of your generosity.