Corporate Responsibility Process

Employees of Home Health United, Inc. (HHU) are expected to act in an ethical and legal manner. HHU’s Corporate Responsibility Process (CRP) is designed to help employees make ethical and legal decisions — whether they’re billing for services, releasing information or caring for a patient. This process ensures that our mission and values are reflected in our business practices.

We accomplish this by setting policies, providing education, and monitoring and auditing activities. All employees, and anyone who acts on behalf of HHU, are expected to abide by our Standards of Ethical Conduct for Vendors and federal and state False Claims Acts.

If an employee has any questions, he or she should talk to a supervisor, his/her manager, a leadership member, HHU’s Compliance Officer at 608-241-7266, a Compliance Committee member (leadership team and IT Director) or enter his/her concern on the Company’s Incident & Concern Reporting system.

Anyone wishing to remain anonymous may call the CRP HelpLine at 1-877-4CRP-ASK. HHU is responsible for listening and acting on concerns.

False Claims Acts 

Home Health United is obligated to inform our vendors and contractors about the federal and state False Claims Acts and the Home Health United policies related to these laws.

The False Claims Act is a national law that was created to prevent fraud against the federal government and to protect the people who help the government prevent fraud. The False Claims Act makes it a crime for any person or organization to submit a record or claim for payment for services, property or other items to the government, knowing that the information is not true.

Home Health United’s Corporate Responsibility Process (CRP) monitors and audits compliance to help us find and prevent errors in coding or billing, false claims or other activities that may be fraudulent.

Corporate Responsibility Process - Documents

Standards of Ethical Conduct for Vendors

False Claims Act Information