Employee of the Month - December 2017

Congratulations Renee K.

The Rewards and Recognition Committee is pleased to announce SSM Health at Home’s Employee of the Month award to Renee K. Renee has and continues to go above and beyond in her role with SAFE at Home follow up contacts and the Informational Visit Outreach Program. She has helped to grow the programs and consistently identifies other opportunities for growth. She is passionate about her social work role, the ability to help patients that are receiving services through SSM Health at Home and/or learning more about what the company can offer the patients or future potential patients.

Renee has received written notes from previous patients/clients and also receives acknowledgment from other SSM Health at Home staff about her performance, approachability and the ability to help with patients from all of our companies! She goes above and beyond to participate in community initiatives to complement our programs such as “Only Leaves Shall Fall” and Unity Wall Fall Initiatives/Symposium. Renee willingly will step in to offer support with outreach and other marketing needs as her schedule allows. Renee is a true team player! She truly follows the mission and vision of SSM Health at Home.

What do you enjoy most about working at SSM Health at Home?
I really love the variety in doing both the Informational Visit outreach and the SAFE at Home social work. For the Info Program, I enjoy visiting people in their homes and helping them understand their options for remaining as independent as possible. It can be overwhelming when faced with a new illness or a worsening condition, and confusing to know where to start. Being able to come along side people and help them understand our many services and programs is rewarding, because it helps people make better and more informed decisions with their health.

For the SAFE at Home program, I love putting home safety recommendations into action! I enjoy helping people make lasting changes to their home environments to feel safer and to prevent falls. People often do not know how to make the changes that are needed or where to start, so helping them to overcome this is really special to me. This is one of those programs where I get to see the direct impact of how our company helps people remain safe and independent in their homes.

I would be missing something if I didn’t mention that I love my team and my colleagues! A large part of my job satisfaction is related to how supported I feel within my department. I work with some amazing people!

What does Employee of the Month mean to you?
I feel uplifted to know that the hard work that I do is recognized and valued. It means a lot to me.

When you’re not at Home Health United, what do you enjoy doing?
When I am not working, I am spending time at home with my fur babies (3 cats and a dog), my husband, and Netflix. When I am not at home binging the latest Netflix show, I am traveling! I love to travel to new and beautiful places. I have traveled to Mexico, St Lucia, Bora Bora, Italy, France, Germany, Hawaii, and Jamaica to name a few. I enjoy biking and recently started practicing yoga again. I hear there is yoga offered at the Cat Cafe in Madison, so I think I will try that soon.

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