Employee of the Month - January 2018

Congratulations Linda W.

The Rewards and Recognition Committee is pleased to announce SSM Health at Home’s Employee of the Month award to Linda W. Linda has been with SSM Health at Home for 16 years as a Home Health Aide and is a knowledgeable asset to her team and other aides. Linda is also a member of the Honoring Veterans Committee and worked hard to assist in accomplishing the Level IV award for the company. Linda always comes to work ready to help her team and adjusts her day to accommodate both her patients’ and team’s needs.

In addition to being acknowledged by families and staff alike with notes and cards, Linda has received a total of 23 Guardian Angel pins and numerous Shining Stars so far. Linda is very kind and encouraging to her patient’s and to staff. She works hard to make the patient feel comfortable in her care and acts as an advocate when needed. Her continuous smile and awesome words of praise for staff and for patients is a great light to all. Please join us in congratulating Linda on this recognition!

What do you enjoy most about working at SSM Health at Home?
Easy – of course the flexible hours. But mostly the great group of people here at Madison East! They aren’t “just: co-workers”. They are dear friends! I have made some very deep friendships here! We are family. We have great team-work and great comradery here together!

What does Employee of the Month mean to you?
My co-workers like me! It is a great honor to me, to know my co-workers/friends here think of me like that. I am so greatly appreciated beyond words!

When you’re not at SSM Health at Home, what do you enjoy doing?
Photography. I’m an amateur photographer! I carry my camera everywhere – always watching for that sunrise, sunset, or nature photo opportunity. You never know when you are driving and spot a hawk, owl or just a cool nature picture. I have gotten several of my pictures featured on Wake up Wisconsin and Channel 3! I am working on the magazine contests now. I love flower gardening in the summer which butterflies and humming birds love! I also love volunteering with the Badger Honor Flights. I get to meet the vets and their families when they come into the airports. Seeing the looks on everyone’s face when the vets return to the airport is such a high. There are very few dry eyes. The vets are very appreciative of our help but I tell them WE appreciate them because if it wasn’t for all they did for us, serving our country, we may not be here. That is a very rewarding experience!

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