Employee of the Month - March 2018

Congratulations Jim T.

Jim has been with SSM Health at Home for almost 10 years and has worn multiple hats – from PT to Ergonomics Specialist and now the Ergonomics Program Coordinator. Jim has also recently been named the organization’s new Safety Officer and serves on multiple committees. Jim supports all employees through his safety and ergonomics programs. He is a resource on safety concerns and works to ensure that both our staff and patients are safe. Jim is cheerful, supportive and sets a great example for staff to follow with his “can do” attitude. Jim’s experience and expertise are invaluable to SSM Health at Home. Please join us in congratulating Jim on this recognition!

What do you enjoy most about working at SSM Health at Home?
Working for a company that does so much good. Think about how many people have benefitted from SSM Health at Home’s services and products. Consider how many people could not stay in their homes without our services. Imagine how much pain a patient would endure if they had to go to a clinic three times a week to get their wound care done. Imagine how many people could go hungry without Meals On Wheels.

I also appreciate that SSM Health at Home is committed to keeping its employees safe while performing their jobs. I spent 20 years working as a Physical Therapist in outpatient clinics. I witnessed hundreds of times the adverse effect workplace injuries can have on someone’s and their family’s lives. The pain, disfigurement and financial disruptions caused by these injuries can be extreme. These injuries can make simple tasks impossible, take the joy out of life and lead to chronic pain.

I am proud to be a part of SSM’s Health at Home’s safety efforts. We have consistently been able to keep the number of employee injuries well below industry averages. This means we likely prevent about 10-30 people from getting hurt on the job each and every year. That gets me jazzed up!!! For the injuries that do occur, SSM Health at Home works aggressively to get the injured employee the care they need to heal as quickly as possible.

What does Employee of the Month mean to you?
That my efforts are appreciated, for which I am grateful. It also makes me think about how many of my co-workers deserve this award.

When you’re not at SSM Health at Home, what do you enjoy doing?
Spending time with my wife of 25 years and our two daughters. Together we enjoy traveling, cooking/eating, going to musicals and snow/water skiing. When they need a break from me I go deer hunting, fishing or get lost in a book.


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