Employee of the Month

Congratulations Maureen K.

Maureen has been with SSM Health at Home for over 27 years as an RN Case Manager for our Reedsburg office. Always willing to help out her home health team and the hospice team, she will assist on her days off, at night and on the weekend with no complaint. Maureen is a true team player and maintains a positive and professional attitude at all times. She is kind, caring, compassionate, and her patients always come first as seen in the many positive comments and cards the office receives from her patients and families. From individualized patient-centered goals to informing patients of SSM Health at Home services, one of Maureen’s strongest attributes is the care she provides to patients. She has been described as the Florence Nightingale of SSM Health at Home! Maureen is dedicated to SSM’s mission and values, and it is seen in her work with patients and families every day.  Please join us in congratulating Maureen on this recognition!

What do you enjoy most about working at SSM Health at Home?

Things have changed so much over the years at Home Health United/SSM Health at Home but I guess the most of what I enjoy without a doubt are the patients. People are so appreciative of what we do for them. They are so happy to be able to stay in their homes. What we do for our patients today, I did for the patient’s in the hospital setting years ago. It is even more complicated today than it was then and we do it in the home! Medicine has changed so much. People would stay in the hospital until they were well. Now they go home once a discharge has been made and the home health nurse gets them to care for. I really love it! Every day you learn something new - so many things to learn all the time. My patients are the reason I’m here. I enjoy them and when they are happy with what I have done for them they have made my day.

What does Employee of the Month mean to you?

What can I say……I was completely shocked. It was unbelievable to me….the first employee from the Reedsburg home care team. I am so appreciative and excited, completely humbled, it was so unexpected. It could have been anyone of us. We all work hard and help out one another all the time. There is always a place to help. I have made many friends and lasting friendships with patients and fellow colleagues over the years - a lifetime of friendships. Being chosen as “employee of the month” builds from a lifetime of working together and is so meaningful to me. It is awesome. I want to thank everyone for this incredible honor. Thank you!

 When you’re not at SSM Health at Home, what do you enjoy doing?

My hobbies have changed over the years. Guess that comes with age. I use to be a big runner – every waking free time – even got the whole family involved many times. I have lots of medals and ribbons from my running days. My hobbies today are my flower gardens. I just love what I have been blessed to do – my flowers are beautiful. I have many different gardens - grandchildren, Angel, Brett Favre, and a memory garden for my parents to just name a few. It’s wonderful—lots of work but wonderful.

My husband has rejuvenated his musical talents so I have become a “groupie”. He plays the guitar and sings. He has a band so we entertain when we have time. It is a lot of fun. We also like to travel. We go south for a couple of weeks each year and this year we will be playing at a resort in Key West, so a true “groupie”!

I also have two sons and their families which includes five grandchildren, ages 4-16. Family is very important to me. The kids grow up so fast – you have to enjoy them while you can.

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