Employee of the Month


Congratulations Gina R.

Gina has been with SSM Health At Home for almost four years and now serves as the Meals On Wheel Volunteer Coordinator. Gina is incredibly reliable, dependable, caring and thoughtful. Gina’s role has been one of the most challenging jobs in the program because she has to recruit and constantly maintain a daily schedule of volunteers. She is always willing to bring a meal out to a recipient or deliver more than one route. Gina takes the initiative to learn everyone’s duties in the department in order to help when someone is out of the office. The Meals On Wheels program has many moving parts, and Gina has learned to be incredibly flexible and ready to help whenever needed. Gina has been described as a great representation of our Meals On Wheels program and keeps our volunteers and clients happy.

Past Winners

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May 2018 - Janet B.

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