Employee of the Month – July 2017

Sean M.

Sean has worked for Home Health United since 2012 and is currently our Business Development Marketing Manager.  He is a true ambassador and very vested in our success and it shows in his demeanor, professionalism, presentation style and work ethic.  In addition to his regular Business Development and Marketing job duties, Sean has gone above and beyond by serving on numerous committees and assisting at Foundation special events.  He provides training to new hires and impacts new hires from the start on how to be a great ambassador for the company.  When Sean sees things that could benefit from process improvement he speaks up and often plays an active role on making changes for the better.  Sean is a great role model for his fellow employees and a wonderful asset to Home Health United.

What do you enjoy most about working at Home Health United?
I like to get out in the community and share how Home Health United can help people and improve their quality of life.  Many people might know us for one specific service or another, but we offer so many different ways to support peoples’ health and independence, there is always something new to talk about.

What does Employee of the Month mean to you?
I feel like my efforts are really appreciated. I work on a great, supportive team that makes it easy to promote Home Health United.

When you’re not at Home Health United, what do you enjoy doing?
I have three boys and I spend most of my time chasing them from activity to activity. I am a really big baseball fan. I love to watch any baseball games, but especially my beloved World Champion Chicago Cubs. I love music! I play the guitar as hobby and also have a massive music collection. I really enjoy digging for records and going to concerts. I have a lot of bowties. You may have seen me wearing one.

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