Employee of the Month – June 2017

Mike G.

Mike has been with HHU since 2003 mainly as an HME Specialist, but in 2014 was promoted to Sr. HME Specialist. Through his new role, Mike is able to take advantage of his strengths, such as his knowledge of HME Rules and Regulations. He is always ready and willing to assist his coworkers and is routinely asked questions on coverage and insurance. He is also the “go to guy” when it comes to cleaning up orders for inventories. Mike fills in the Retail Showroom when needed during shortages or high census without objection or complaint.  We are truly fortunate to have Mike on the Janesville HME team.

Past Winners

May 2017 – Laura A.

April 2017 – Paulie S.

March 2017 – Cyndy T.

January 2017 – Julie W.

December 2016 – Kay F.

November 2016 – Jean B.

October 2016 – Jody S.

September 2016 – Alecia C.

August 2016 – Krista B.

July 2016 – Ben C.

June 2016 – Joy N.

May 2016 – Sally Z.

April 2016 – Ray F.