Employee of the Month – June 2016

2016-6-photo-staff-joy-nJune 2016 – Joy N.

Joy has been with HHU since 2003 and is currently a Training Specialist. Joy plays an integral role in the development of training materials and training of new employees hired into positions for HCU. In the month of April Joy spent over 100 hours training employees in their new roles! Joy has a wealth of knowledge of HCU as it spans over both the billing and customer service departments. Please join us in congratulating Joy on this recognition!

What do you enjoy most about working at Home Health United?
I have a great deal of pride & passion in being a part of such an exceptional staff here at HHU, who demonstrate our mission statement every day. We do indeed bring exceptional care home to all of our patients, especially when they are in their most vulnerable state. We all understand that when someone is very sick or they become immobile and require DME in order to stay independent in their home, or even if they need nursing assistance we are who they call, and we need to keep it that way! No one wants to have only one option, such as having to stay in the hospital when ill. When we all come together with our exceptional care that we bring into our patients homes, it make me feel Awesome about being a part of Home Health United; achieving that goal for our community’s needs.

What does Employee of the Month mean to you?
Being nominated as June’s Employee of the Month by my co-workers and peers is a great honor in the workplace, & a big deal to me! It’s gratifying to me that all the hard work I do every day is being recognized, respected and most of all genuinely appreciated. You have to be able to come to work and SMILE! Throughout the last twelve years being employed at HHU & now being a part of the newly developed HME training team, I see that I hold myself at a high standard. I truly value having a team players’ attitude & positive way of thinking which seems to be admired by all. I believe this is the way to excel in life especially if you want to be a positive role model for others. Thank you for this nomination.

When you’re not at Home Health United, what do you enjoy doing?
When I am not at Home Health United I love being on the water enjoying the summer air & sun while listening to music. Jeff and I are simply water fanatics and we enjoy spending time together on the water. We love having pool parties enjoying our in ground pool at our home, or spending the weekend on our Cuddy Cabin Caravelle boat on Lake Mendota. Music is a big part of my life, as well. I used to be in a cappella choir and band back in my school days & even sang at weddings as an adult. But, now Jeff and I love going around to concerts and I enjoy a wide variety of music. Some of my favorite artists/bands are: Metallica, God Smack, Freddy Mercury in Queen, Heart, Adele, Led Zepplin, Elton John and PRINCE. I also have 3 beautiful daughters: Karissa, Kirstie and Keeley & two granddaughters: Karma and Kaylani. You will find us all singing in harmony and doing the hump “D” hump dance groove at my house every time we get together.