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Ways to Give

We value our donors and their gifts take many forms.  Your gift can be designed to match your intent and wishes.

  • Memorials and tributes of loved ones
  • Event or designated support meaningful to you
  • Year-end gifts of assets
  • Planned gifts through your estate

Giving options through planned giving

Through planned giving, the HHU-VNS Foundation assists in designing your sound financial future and fulfilling your charitable wishes - while helping individuals with limited financial resources receive quality health care at home.

Of all the gifts you could offer our organization, one of the most meaningful and one of the easiest to make is a bequest. A bequest is simply a gift you pass to a person or entity through your will. Charitable bequests are unique in that they enjoy deductions from federal and most state inheritance taxes. Your financial planner can provide you with assistance. Leveraging this benefit may result in a larger estate passing to your heirs, such as friends and family.

If you do decide to make a charitable bequest to our organization, you will need to choose the type of bequest that best suits your particular needs and wishes.

Specific bequest:  While this may take the form of an exact dollar amount, it could be a specific asset from your estate such as stocks, bonds, life insurance or real estate.

Percentage bequest: A bequest may be expressed as a percentage of your estate.  Expressed in this way, your wishes are guaranteed regardless of whether your estate grows larger or smaller over time.

Contingent bequest: Certain criteria must be met before a contingent bequest is satisfied.
For example, you might designate that we receive all or some of your estate only in the event you outlive your primary beneficiaries.  This language protects your estate from litigation or from distribution to unintended parties.

Restricted bequest: You may wish to restrict your bequest for a specific purpose or HHU program.

Give through buying groceries

If you shop at Pierces Pic 'N Save, use your Advantage Plus Savers card (APS) to make a donation to HHU Meals on Wheels or HHU Hospice. If you currently have an APS card, just stop at the service desk and ask to have HHU Hospice or HHU Meals on Wheels listed as your charity of choice. If you do not have a favorite grocery store, please consider this wonderful program! Please check with your local Pic 'N Save store to see if they offer this program.

Give through gas purchases

If you apply for a Kwik Trip Card Plus, you can donate to your charity of choice (HHU of course!) Sign up for the Kwik Trip Fund Raising program and $.03 per gallon of gas purchased will be donated to your designated charity. For in-store purchases with the card, Kwik Trip donates 15% on eligible purchases. If you currently have the Kwik Trip Card Plus, call the number below to have HHU-VNS Foundation listed as your charity of choice. For more info. check out Kwik Rewards Fund Raising program online at www.kwiktrip.com or call 1-800-305-6666.