News & Events - HHU Helps Area Teen Get His Mobility Back

Posted on: 04-10-2014

Drew Nachreiner, who is 16 and suffers from cerebral palsy, was hit by a car March 27. Thankfully Drew was not seriously injured, but his independence was lost in the accident when his custom motorized wheelchair was destroyed.

Drew depends on his motorized wheelchair to get around independently. Since the accident Drew has been relying on a manual wheelchair, but he needs someone else to assist him. The insurance company of the driver who hit him offered the family $10,000 to replace his chair. Unfortunately, a new custom wheelchair like Drew needs costs more than $25,000, a difference of over $15,000. The family and Baraboo community began to rally to raise funds to cover the difference.

Company President & CEO Rick Bourne saw Drew’s story on the news the morning of April 8th and decided something needed to be done. At the time, he wasn’t aware Drew was actually one of our patients, but patient or not, it didn’t matter.

“The most important thing for me and Home Health United is getting Drew his mobility back and helping him maintain his independence,” Bourne stated. “Drew’s chair allows him the mobility we take for granted; his trips around town and to the Boys and Girls Club are important. In his current manual chair, he can’t even get up to the level of the dinner table, and family time is very important. His power chair raises him up. This chair is necessary for Drew, to have as much normalcy and independence as possible. It was the right thing for Home Health United to do whether he was a patient of ours or not.”

Drew’s chair has already been ordered and should arrive within the next few weeks.

“We’re trying desperately to expedite the orders,” said Gene Salisbury, HHU Rehab Equipment Manager. “Drew’s new chair and custom molded seating system were ordered this morning (April 8th). The chair will get here before the seating system because of the complex molding requirements, but his current seating system will work in the new chair until the new seating system is done. We want to meet the elements of independence first by using his current seating system. The finished product will take a little longer because we have to get it just right. All the major players are in place, and we expect the chair to be to Drew around the 18th.”

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Want to be able to help people maintain their independence? The Home Health United – Visiting Nurse Service Foundation provides funding and support for the services and products Home Health United offers. Your donations really do make a difference. Just ask Drew.

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According to Drew’s mother, all donations made to Drew’s cause will be given to the Home Health United – Visiting Nurse Service Foundation to help others in need, and to the Boys and Girls Club to set up a scholarship in Drew’s name.

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