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The HHU Enteral Program helps children and adults meet their nutritional needs that cannot be met with food and drink. Enteral feeding is a form of nutrition delivered into the digestive system via tubes placed through the nose into the stomach or small intestine or they can be surgically placed in the abdomen, depending on how long it will be used.

A registered dietitian provides nutritional assessment, counseling and recommendations for treatment. The dietitian also coordinates and evaluates individual enteral programs to ensure nutritional needs are met.

Starting with a physician referral, the registered dietitian completes the authorization and confirms the orders. Although initial formula type or rate of administration are ordered by the physician, she can reassess patient needs and tolerance to the tube feeding regimen and make further recommendations to the physician.

Whether the patient needs 100 percent nutrition or a supplement, services depend on diagnosis and insurance reimbursement. Our registered dietitian will verify each patient’s insurance benefits for supplements to promote growth and sustain life in children or 100 percent nutrition delivered via tube.

A registered dietitian:

  • Provides nutritional assessment, counseling, recommendations for treatment
  • Coordinates and evaluates individual enteral programs to ensure nutritional needs are being met
  • Coordinates patient education in use of enteral pumps

Clients include:

  • Infants needing special formulas
  • Long-term pediatric patients who may have medical conditions or birth defects that impair their nutritional status
  • People with swallowing difficulties
  • People who have effects of cancer and cancer treatments
  • People with conditions such as multiple sclerosis or ALS
  • Patients with renal (kidney) disease