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Making the Home Safe

Whether your loved one is living in your home or in theirs, you'll want to make sure it is safe for them. There are several things you can do to create a safe environment.

In the bathroom:

  • Place nonskid strips in the tub or shower
  • Install grab bars in the tub or shower
  • Purchase a shower seat or transfer bench
  • Install a raised toilet seat to reduce bending

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In the bedroom:

  • You may want to buy or rent a hospital bed with side rails
  • You may want to have an over bed trapeze for the person to lift themselves up
  • You may want to have a portable toilet beside the bed

Home Health United also carries these products.

In hallways:

  • Be sure lighting is sufficient even at night

Other rooms:

  • Remove or secure scatter rugs that can cause tripping
  • Clear pathways throughout the house


  • Install handrails for support
  • Install nonskid treads on steps

Contact Home Health United for your to safety in the home.