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What if mom/dad is resistant to accepting help?

If the potential client is resistant to the care many times a Home Health United representative will meet the potential client for a question/answer visit. At this time we attempt to break down the barriers or resistance by straightforward answers to their many questions and concerns.

There have been times when the family members of a potential client insist that mom/dad/aunt/uncle need something that really isn't necessary at this time in the client's life. After assessing the client's needs it may be evident that they are perfectly safe, and strong enough to live independently. If this is the case, the door is opened and seeds planted regarding the first step to assistance in the home.

The HHU representative may make safety recommendations while in the home, and explain in detail how every day tasks can be completed in a safe manner. Sometimes something as simple as removing area rugs from a living room or bathroom can make a huge difference in fall prevention. Sometimes it seems that just pointing out these safety changes is all it takes for a potential client to see the value in asking for assistance or in admitting that perhaps they do indeed need a little help now.