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Protocol for ordering Companion Care

  1. The Homemaker / Companion Care Program provides support services so an elderly or disabled person can remain in their home. The services can be provided daily, weekly or monthly. The services that the Homemaker / Companion Care program provides include:
    • Laundry
    • Housecleaning
    • Grocery shopping
    • Transportation to appointments
    • Meal preparation
    • Medication reminders
    • Exercise program reminders
    • Bathing and other personal care assistance.
    • Respite care for caregivers
    • Socialization services (writing letters, playing cards, reading)
  2. These services are generally paid privately, however, some long-term care insurances cover the cost. There are also some programs, such as Dane County Home Chore Service, which may provide financial support for qualified individuals.
  3. The cost is $40 for up to one-hour of service, $50 for over 1 hour and up to 2 hours of service ($11 per 30 minutes over 2 hours of service).
  4. This service is available to residents of Dane, Columbia and Sauk County.

Benefits of the Homemaker/ Companion Care program:

  • The recipient receives care from a screened, qualified caregiver.
  • The recipient can continue living in their home with supportive services instead of having to move into an assisted living or a nursing home.
  • To provide companion services for a higher quality of life.

To refer someone to The Homemaker/Companion Care Program:

  1. Give the recipient or a family member the brochure to have them call for themselves. The phone number is on the second page of the brochure.
  2. Call the referral in directly to our Homemaker / Companion care staff. The phone number is 608-276-7587. After the referral is placed, the staff will call the recipient / designated family member directly to confirm the desire for services and set up the initial home visit.
    Please have the following information available before you call:
    • Recipient s name, current address and phone number
    • Emergency contact (caregiver) name and phone number
    • Description of recipientís need.

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