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Dean Clinic - Protocol for Ordering Nursing & Therapy

  1. Be able to answer questions (Is the patient “homebound?” Is there a considerable and taxing effort to go into the doctor? Are the nonmedical visits short and infrequent?) to see if the patient meets the insurance guidelines * for skilled home care or hospice services.
  2. It is important to start the process with a phone call. Please have the following information available before you call:
    • Patient’s name and DOB
    • Verify patient’s current address and phone number where they will be receiving services (they may be living with someone else temporarily)
    • Desired service start date
    • Type of insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, charity)
    • Purpose of the visit (Why are we seeing the patient/patient goals?)
    • Type of services needed (PT, OT, Nursing, ST)
    • Ordering/Attending Physician (NPs, PA’s and nurse specialists must have a physician to sign home care plan of care)
    • Clinic name and phone number of the person making the referral
  3. Call 608-241-6900 or 800-900-8040 and ask for the central intake department.
  4. It is important to wait until you talk with an intake nurse or for the option to leave a message. Note the intake nurse’s name that you are leaving a message with. This is an example of a message that would include all the needed information:

    “This is (your name) from (name of your facility) calling for (MDs name). I would like to order (PT, OT, ST, skilled nursing or hospice services) for (Patient’s name), (Patient’s birth date). The patient lives in / will be staying with a relative in (city) and is being discharged on (date discharged). We would like services to begin on (date service is desired). The patient’s main diagnosis is (name of diagnosis) and/or the purpose of the visit is (describe the purpose of the visit). The patient’s phone number is (phone number). You can find the rest of the information on EPIC – you can reach me at (phone number) for any questions and confirmation of home health services.”

  5. Once the initial call has been made and the information has been obtained by EPIC, we will evaluate our ability to meet the needs of the patient. If you would like us to make a “confirmation” call to confirm that we are able to do the initial admission visit, please let us know. We will also call if we are not able to meet the needs of the patient / meet the desired timeline.

*Most insurance companies use Medicare guidelines to determine whether or not a patient qualifies for skilled nursing visits / PT / ST /OT or hospice. Our intake staff is available to help you determine if the patient meets Medicare / Medicaid / private insurance criteria.

Please call at 608-241-6900 or 800-900-8040 if you have any questions.

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