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Top 20 Indicators for Social Work Intervention

If one or more of these indicators are present at admit or become problems during an open case, please make a referral to Social Work and conference with your office Social Worker.

Questions to consider for your patient:

  • Lives alone? Over age 85?
  • No Power of Attorney for Health Care?
  • Caregiver overwhelmed?
  • Needs to move?
  • Terminally ill?
  • Minimal support system?
  • Needs community resources?
  • Financial problems?
  • Alcohol abuse?
  • Depressed or anxious? Suicidal?
  • High medication costs?
  • Needs legal direction?
  • Family conflict?
  • Suspect neglect or abuse?
  • Recent personal losses?
  • Needs to plan for the future?
  • Grieving?
  • Recent and abrupt change in functioning?
  • Dementia? Memory declining?
  • Multiple medical diagnoses?

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